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BEGHELLI presenta un nuevo y revolucionario panel solar para viviendas, de tamaño super reducido y rendimiento enormemente superior a los que actualmente existen en el mercado, ya obsoletos.

“Italian Company Launches Revolutionary Solar Panel”

Italian company Beghelli has created a solar panel prototype with 38% efficiency, gearing for 55% in the near future, or 80 times more efficient than conventional models, which also reduces CO2 by 2100/tons per year per 1000 homes.
During a Press Conference, Beghelli’s CEO Gianpietro Beghelli said: “The official launch of our new panels will happen with the conversion to solar energy in a hospital in Cuba and an initiative to support Africa by giving energy to a Salesian mission”.
The new solar panels are part of the company’s initiative Pianeta Sole Life based on the discovery of Nobel Prize for Physics Zhores Alferov who is also part of the team for this project.

How do they work?

They take advantage of solar concentration: Traditional solar panels are flat while Beghelli’s are ondulated and they use a triple-layer multijoint system which allows the miniaturization of the active surface making the panels very affordable to home users. To lowering the price will also contribute the use of cells based on gallium, germanium and indium rather than silicon.

“The great progress made in the field of microelectronics has allowed an improvement in the manufacturing of solar cells, already applied in aerospace and now available for other uses”, said Zhores Alferov: “The new solar cells surpass the 40% efficiency threshold and they will reach the 55% in the near future. That is why I believe that by the end of this century most energy produced will be solar. It is really gratifying to see yaers of research applied to useful solutions.”

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